Welcome to Room 17!

         Our class is a combination of 8 amazing second graders and 12 dynamic third graders.  Not since peanut butter and chocolate has their been a better combo until now!   We will be creating our own unique classroom community in Room 17 and I'm excited for our year ahead.

        If you're wondering about the structure, please know that second grade will be learning second grade standards and curriculum and third grade will focus on third grade standards and curriculum.  Each grade will also have a separate lunch recess each day so they will be able to be with two other grade level classes (while maintaining stable groupings or "play pods").  Second grade will have lunch at 12:40 and third grade will lunch at 12:05.  Discovery lab classes--along with other opportunities to learn and play--will be with these same grade level groups.  Snack will be eaten as a class at 10:20 am.  

          School is a balance of learning and social and we'll do our best to strike a happy balance.  I also look forward to fostering our own classroom family with this fantastic group of young people.

         On August 26th, there will be a back-to-school night so we can go over more details. Please feel free to contact me through Parent Square or email (below) to keep in touch.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  
           Here's to a great year ahead at our brand new school!  Thanks so much for your support.

     Amy Pobst


    Solana Vista Start/End Times for 2021-22:




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