Miss Riley's Class



    Contact: 858-794-4508  or email 

    Welcome, Class of 2021-2022 sixth graders to an exciting, final year of elementary school!
    I promise to make this your BEST year yet.
    Absences: Parents should call (858) 794-4551 to notify about student absences/tardies. 
    6th Grade Team Links: 

    Mrs. Allen

    Ms. Anderson

    Mrs. Bess/Ms. Latchford

    Mrs. Cleveland

    Mrs. Ehrhorn
    Mrs. Gurwitt/Mrs. Kilsby

    Ms. Hong


     Leader in Me
    We are proudly a Leader in Me school! Solana Pacific is following the Leadership Model that over 1700 schools have started to implement. Our class is using The Leader in Me program as an introduction to personal leadership.  

     Parent's Place: ideas to use at home to reinforce your child’s learning & involve the family