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    Mrs. Anderson's Class

    Room 202

    This web page is for students and parents to find important information about your classes, upcoming events, and how to contact your teacher.  Please use this web page as a resource to help you throughout your fifth grade year! 
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     Mrs. Anderson's Family
    Mrs. Anderson enjoys teaching fifth graders at Solana Ranch whose unique personalities and inquisitive minds always keep her on her toes.  Mrs. Anderson hopes to keep challenging her students to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, self-advocates, and to be well-organized so that no one has to use the excuse "my dog ate my homework" when it gets lost in the depths of their backpacks or has been left at home.  Mrs. Anderson is married to Mr. Anderson who is also a teacher.  He teaches middle and high school PE to students with special needs.  They have two daughters.  Autumn is a very active and playful toddler, while Sierra is a very happy baby.  In her free time, Mrs. Anderson enjoys many activities such as yoga, turbo kickboxing, running, cycling, hiking, camping, baking, and reading.  
    Teacher Contacts
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    Mrs. Anderson's Email: reginaanderson@sbsd.net 
    Phone: 858-350-6600
     Username: firstnamelastname@sbsd.k12.ca.us