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    My Educational Philosophy
    Every child is unique, courageous, and intelligent.  A child has been learning for many years prior to beginning school.  As a teacher, I will build upon a child’s previous knowledge and strive to connect the real world to the classroom and curriculum.  I will develop a sense of community in the classroom that fosters a comfortable learning environment and promotes diversity.  I will model responsibility, caring and respect to help guide children towards the tools they will need to be successful, adjusting my instructional strategies to provide equal learning opportunities for all children.  The learning process is ongoing, therefore, I will monitor and assess their development to ensure they understand, progress forward and set new goals to be successful in their lives.

    Solana Beach Online Scholar

    Main: (858) 794-4340

    Attendance: (858) 794-4341

    Principal - Angela Tremble email

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    Shiela Cullins