• 11-15-17

    Dear Solana Vista Families,

    News from the Solana Vista Library: The Solana Vista Library has gone social! If you're on Instagram or Twitter, follow @SVSchoolLibrary for all things children's literature! See what we're adding to our circulation, what our students are loving, and get a sneak peek at our great library events! Don’t forget that Parents can be Patrons of the Solana Vista Library, too! We have a great selection of children’s books and you can check books out for your child as well!

    Halloween Carnival Update: I am happy to report that the fundraising efforts of so many volunteers for the Solana Beach Schools Foundation was very successful. At last check, over $51,000 was raised. Thank you to our highest producing booth—the Tamale booth—for raising over $2,500.00 for our Discovery Labs! We are fast approaching our goal for our Annual Fund Drive as well. If you would still like to make a donation, please visit http://www.solanabeachkids.org/events/donate/. Thank you, again, for your tremendous support!

    Mark your calendar:

    • 11/17: School Assembly @ 8:35
    • 11/20-11/24: Thanksgiving Break
    • 2/22: School Assembly @ 8:35
    • 12/23-1/7: Winter Break

    A little something to think about:

    So…You’ve had your Parent Teacher conference, now what!!??

    1. Celebrate your child’s strengths.
    2. Develop a Growth Mindset environment in the home. Celebrate your own struggles and your child’s struggles as well. Talk about them; acknowledge them. Tell your child about times when you remember having to use a growth mindset to get through a difficult task. Remind them that the brain is a muscle and can grow every day! Remember when your child says, “I can’t do it”…finish the sentence with the magical word YET, and then remind them that you believe in them!
    3. I bet your child’s teacher mentioned the importance of finding time to read at home at the conference. Why do all teachers encourage reading at home? Research shows that the greatest support you can give your child is by reading to, with, or next to your child. Model reading; show your love of reading; talk about reading! Are you worried that your child gets stuck in a series or reads books that you think are too simple?? Have no fear! As long as it’s a book and they are enjoying it…CELEBRATE!! Check out this link to an article called How to get kids to look away from their screens and take pleasure in books. The article has great tips for fostering the love of reading and many ideas for fun titles to look for on your next trip to the library!

    I’d like to wish everyone a lovely and happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family!


    Katie Zimmer

    Principal, Solana Vista School