• Our Mission is...

    to provide a child-centered education of the highest quality, using the unique vision and resources of home, school, and community to ensure a stable and vibrant learning environment rigorous in academic standards, rich in diversity, sensitive to individual needs, and committed to developing compassionate children who are confident, competent, and creative learners. 
    We Believe...

    • in public education.
    • everyone can learn and achieve.
    • each individual has intrinsic worth.
    • respect, honesty, self-discipline, and a sense of fair play are essential to the development of personal integrity.
    • in personal responsibility and accountability.
    • in striving to do one's best.
    • in the value of a supportive, nurturing family.
    • in the power of positive thinking.
    • in valuing and utilizing diversity, we can achieve common goals.
    • effective communication is essential.
    • a sense of humor contributes to a healthy, balanced way of life.
    • it is the responsibility of every individual to contribute to the betterment of a global society.
    • in the benefit of individual pursuits and the value of collaborative contributions.
    • successful change requires vision, personal action and a willingness to take risks.
    • no failure is fatal . . . no success is final.
    • learning is an essential life-long process.