The purpose of a school-wide DRESS CODE is to establish a school environment that supports a productive academic atmosphere that supports students’ learning and reflects the educational values of the staff and the parents. These standards are consistent with those established by the Solana Beach School District, Board Policy 5132 and Administrative Regulation 5132a and can also be found in the Parent-Student Handbook available online.
    The following items of clothing/accessories are considered inappropriate and/or disruptive to the educational process and are unacceptable for school attire:
    • Spaghetti straps, strapless tops and tube tops worn
    • Bare midriffs – no belly button and/or skin showing
    • Short shorts, dresses, or skirts shorter than mid-thigh, tight athletic shorts 
    • Undergarments showing (i.e., bra straps showing, baggy pants worn below the waist) or lack of undergarments
    • Emblems, lettering, or pictures related to drugs, alcohol, sex, violence, or profanity
    • Chains or jewelry that dangle and could be unsafe
    • Open-toe sandals, flip flops, plastic or slip on shoes, roller skate type shoes (Shoes should allow students to fully participate in outdoor physical education activities.) 
    • Makeup
    • Clothing or accessories that contribute to the disruption of a productive learning environment and the safe operation of the school
    • Hats or hoods inside the building or classroom unless for educational or religious purposes.
    Please know how very much your support and cooperation with our school dress code policy is valued. The positive message that school is a place to work and learn is reinforced when our students come to school dressed appropriately.