• Carmel Creek School



    The teachers and staff at Carmel Creek School believe that every child has the right to a safe school environment. The staff has recently met and developed a safety plan for student travel to and from school. We need your help! We will review the school rules listed below with your children and ask them to pledge to follow all safety rules. We ask that you read, discuss, and sign below.


     1.         Morning drop-off (8:15-8:30) - Students are not allowed on campus before 8:15A.M. *There are two drop-off zones (Carmel Creek Rd and East parking lot.) NO PARKING is allowed in these zones. If you want to walk your child to class, you need to park in the east parking lot or on the street. *Upon arrival, students need to line up in their class line. (no playground activity before school begins)

     2.         Afternoon pick-up (2:38) - Students are not allowed on campus after 2:55P.M. without parent supervision.

                •Kindergarten students are excused from the kindergarten playground area. Parents need to park and walk to playground area for pick-up. 

                •3rd grade students are excused to the west pick-up zone (on Carmel Creek Drive).

                •1st and 2nd grade students are excused to the east pick-up zone (parking lot).

                If you have more than one child, use the zone of the youngest child.

    3.         U-TURNS are not allowed around the school zone and will be ticketed by the local police.

    4.         CROSSWALKS: All students must use the crosswalk to cross the street. *Jaywalking is prohibited and detentions will be given to student jaywalkers with or without parent supervision.

    5.         BICYCLES: It is encouraged that children under 10 years of age are supervised by parents.  Riders must wear a helmet.

    6.         PEDESTRIAN TRAFFIC: Children’s Hospital recommends that children 10 and under cross streets with their hand held by an adult. Supervision is suggested as children learn pedestrian safety lifelong skills. Children continue to need specific instruction and modeling. 

    7.         SAFE DRIVING: Follow drop off and pick up procedures. Be respectful of staff ensuring the safety of the children. Accompany, small children when getting in/our of cars. Take a few seconds to walk all the way around our parked car before departing. Do not leave children in parked cars. Always use properly installed car seats.