• Solana Pacific 6th Grade Supply List

    Dear Parents of Future Solana Pacific 6th Grade Sandpipers:

    Your child is provided a free public school education, therefore all materials and supplies for your child's learning in the classroom are supplied by the school district. We understand that parents often want to supplement these materials. If parents choose to donate the optional items for their students, below is a list of recommended supplies.

    • Durable 3 ring binder (2 inch)
    • Durable plastic subject dividers for at least 8 subjects- Bring to school, but please do not set up binder with dividers yet
    • Plastic zipper pouch (please no pencil boxes)
    • Blue or black ball point pens
    • Color pencils, sharpened
    • Markers
    • #2 pencils sharpened (replenish on regular basis)
    • 4 different colored highlighters
    • Durable pencil sharpener that catches shavings (Not electric)
    • 1 large pack of college-ruled lined paper
    • 3 x 5 white lined note cards (100 quantity)
    • Personal writing journal for use in class
    • One single subject spiral notebook (120 sheets)
    • Small pair of scissors
    • Several quality erasers (Pentel retractable or rectangular, Papermate White Pearl, Prismacolor Magic Rub, etc…)
    • Ruler (notebook holes recommended)
    • Personal free-choice novels
    • Earbuds with mic
    • Masks
    • Refillable Water Bottle


    • If desired: calculator
    • Examples of optional class donations: 1 ream of printer paper(81⁄2x11in), 1 box of tissues, cleaning wipes, dry erase markers or hand sanitizer

    Solana Pacific Sixth Grade Staff