• Dear Carmel Creek Families,

    As we close the 2019-2020 school year we are feeling a surge of mixed emotions.  It is heartbreaking to bear witness to the violent acts secondary to injustices across our nation. This coupled with the existence of COVID -19 within our community can be overwhelming.  Carmel Creek staff are committed to listening openly as we continue to reflect, heal and partner in the process toward meaningful change.  It is important to recognize that as staff have returned this week for the essential materials drop off and pick up procedures, that we do have members of our community hurting and processing emotion at many levels.  We find hope and encouragement in knowing, that as a community, we have a consistent and ongoing commitment to social emotional wellness, acceptance and character education.  I want to assure you that as we plan for the re-opening of school we remain dedicated to building on the existing social emotional programs by fostering communication, collaboration, empathy, compassion, kindness and inclusion in every aspect of our teaching and learning programs.

    Two resources we regularly utilize in our own social emotional professional development and in the spirit of furthering the development of a school culture that is diverse, equitable and inclusive are (1) Sanford Harmony and (2) commonsensemedia.org. Both have wonderful materials on talking with children during challenging times, read aloud children’s books, coping as a family with injustice, digital citizenship and video/app reviews.

    I want to thank those who have attended recent PTO and School Site Council Meetings.  Although much of our work included discussion that may have generated more questions than answers, please know that as a district we are well underway with established proactive planning groups that include students, parents, teachers and support staff working with the hope that we can all return to school.  An update on re-opening schools is planned for the School Board Meeting, Thursday June 18th at 6:30pm. SBSD Board of Education agenda, and meeting documents can be found at www.sbsd.net.

    Tomorrow is a big day with drop-off and pick-up of school materials.  The office staff will be alongside our PTO volunteers receiving school materials, distributing yearbooks and returning student belongings left behind at the time of school closures. There are no remaining lost and found items as all items were donated following parent-teacher conferences.

    For the materials drop off/pick-up route map and your class scheduled time please click here.  We appreciate everyone’s efforts to follow San Diego County Health and Safety orders in order to ensure the safety of all (i.e., wear mask, when walking-consider sending one adult to pick up materials from a household and maintain social distancing).

    Although we have been apart for a few months, the commitment and focus on our children binds us together.  As we close the 2019-2020 school year, I wish you and yours a peaceful and safe summer season.

    Our instructional services department has provided additional enrichment resources if you are interested. Click here.


    Lisa Ryder, Principal