• Dear Carmel Creek Families,

    As we approach the end of our 2019-2020 school year, I want to thank you again for your efforts to support the children and our staff.  I am in constant amazement with the many ongoing collaborative efforts between staff and our parent community.  As a parent of an elementary school student and a middle school student, I know how challenging the past few months have been.  Your patience and partnership are valued. As we prepare to close the 2019-2020 school year, we are also simultaneously gearing up for the 2020-2021 school year.  To support future programs, our stakeholder groups are engaging in meetings.  Stakeholder groups are comprised of an variety of combinations of teachers, staff and parents to ensure multiple perspectives as we engage in proactive planning efforts for the returning/re-opening of school. Thank you, to the many, who have completed our district-wide surveys. Your voice has been heard and is greatly valued.

    With summer quickly approaching, we are focusing on collecting and returning student and school materials. This includes the return of school books and iPad devices. Carmel Creek will be collecting library books and iPad materials on Thursday, June 11th between 8am and 3pm. Your assigned time will be provided by your teacher and is also linked here:

    Schedule with Map Link Here

    What to expect when you come to drop off/pick up materials:

    • In order to maintain safe social distancing norms, and in understanding that childcare is an issue, we are offering a drive-thru model with a walking option.
    • For car traffic, follow the traffic map displayed from the link above.
    • Please plan to bring your students iPad, chord, and charging block as well as any library books or school books that you may have at home.
    • Upon returning school items, you will receive any personal items left in your child’s class, a yearbook, (if you ordered one) and a special surprise from our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).
    • Staff will be using gloves and wearing a mask to receive and distribute materials.
    • Please know that if your family opts to walk, we are highly suggesting that only one member of the family come to the building for the exchange of school materials. Follow walking signs/walking path designated upon arrival.
    • If walking, one parent at a time will be met at a table in front of the school.
    • If you have multiple children attending Carmel Creek, please know you are welcome to only come one time. Pick the assigned class time that best works for your family.
    • If you require special arrangements, please contact the office for direct assistance (858) 794-4400.

    It is our goal to complete this process quickly and efficiently while also ensuring the health and safety of all our families and staff. While it might be tempting to want to stay and talk to friends or staff members, we ask that you refrain for the sake of expediency and everyone’s well-being. Just like you, we are all anxious for the time when we are past this situation and can enjoy each other’s company. Unfortunately, the drop off and pick up of materials is not that time.

    We are looking forward to yearbook distribution next week.  If you did not order a yearbook and would like to purchase one there’s still time and a limited supply.  Please contact Michelle Garcia to reserve your yearbook today.

    Our last week of activities incorporates fitness, a little humor, a “inspiring our PTO t-shirt logo” activity and video links that have special appearances from our school mascot PAWS. Enjoy!


    Lisa Ryder