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    May 10, 2020

    Dear Solana Highlands Families,

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    • Kindergarten & New Student Registration
    • Seesaw Data
    • Virtual Coffee with the School Counselors survey
    • SV Interim Housing
    • Reminder to join the Afternoon Tea/Coffee with the Principal
    • Parent Appreciation Dedication
    • Tips for quarantined parents in the times of COVID-19 (from APA)

    Kindergarten & New Student registration has begun for the 2020-21 school year     

    We are currently taking registrations for the upcoming school year. Please register online and upload the supporting documents using this link. If you have any questions or issues, please contact Judy Alpert

    Seesaw Data

    Students are busy learning! Teachers and families are busy supporting our students! Check it out...we are not wasting time, we are not doing this alone, we are stronger and better together! #WeAreATeamSH

                                   May 1- May 7 at Solana Highlands Elementary School

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    Virtual Coffee with the School Counselors

    Due to COVID-19 and school closure, we know that this is a very difficult time for all families, and we would like to offer you a virtual "Coffee with the Counselor” every other Thursday morning, beginning May 14, with our counseling team to help provide you with tips and strategies to support you and your family at home. In order to provide topics that are useful for you, it would be very helpful for us if you completed the following survey.





    SV Interim Housing

    We are still forging ahead with warmly welcoming our Solana Vista Families and Staff to Solana Highlands in the Fall. Solana Vista has begun the packing and purging process. We are still working on a timeline and hope to begin our packing process and space making for our guests at the end of the month. Stay tuned. More information to come.

    Afternoon Tea/Coffee with the Principal

    Please come and join me for an afternoon coffee or tea. This is completely informal, no agenda, no notes, just us connecting and sharing our experiences as we have been apart. Please know that I do not have answers to many questions and that as a district we are committed to delivering consistent and updated messaging across our seven sites. The purpose of this time is to connect. Hope to see you there!

    Topic: Afternoon Coffee/Tea with the Principal

    Time: May 12, 2020 4:00 -4:45

    Join Zoom Meeting


    Meeting ID: 912 6471 0336

    Password: 020734

    One tap mobile

    +16699009128, 91264710336# US (San Jose)

    Parent Appreciation Dedication

    With school being so different now, you all had to rethink teacher appreciation week. Last week you celebrated and honored our staff and teachers in beautiful ways. The sweet notes to our staff, the surprise videos, students’ dressing up to honor their teachers, and all the many creative ways you and your children showed your gratitude and love to your teachers and staff is overwhelming appreciated. I want to thank you for helping our staff to continue to feel your love, support and thankfulness, especially at this time.

    I also want to take this time to celebrate YOU. Although there is not a “Parent Appreciation Week”, we appreciate you so very much and want to dedicate this edition to your efforts at home. During this time, parents are forced into a role of taking on the responsibility to teach their kids. Vanderbilt professor of psychology and human development, Bethany Rittle-Johnson, reminds us that the most important thing to remind parents during the school closures is not to be too harsh on themselves. You may now feel that you must take on the full weight of your child’s education.

    Take a deep breath. Now, say this out loud: “I am not my child’s teacher. I am their parent.” While we are school systems around the world are working on ways to best meet standards in this new, uncharted world of large-scale virtual learning, parents can calm themselves. In Elizabeth Newcamp’s shares the following in her blog, and I could not agree more… you do not need to run out and purchase a home-school curriculum. You do not need to watch YouTube videos on teaching 3rd grade Common Core math. You do not need to cram every hour of your child’s day with educational advancement. Your primary focus should be where it always has been: on the well-being of your child.

    Children thrive on routine and right now, all of that is gone. As a parent, you can provide a framework that keeps their brains active, as you likely already do in the summer. Academic achievement and testing benchmarks are a construct, constantly adjusted to fit educational philosophies. Don’t worry about them right now. Worry about supporting your children as they process what is happening in the world.

    The entire world is standing still. Your child is not falling behind. When school starts again on the other side of quarantine—in September or whenever—every teacher will remember and take into account, that nearly every child in the world experienced the same learning hiatus. Kids will still get into college; they’ll still learn long division and the difference between the executive and the legislative branch; they’ll still learn to read, write, and think.

    The greater risk to our children, and ourselves, is the stress we are adding to all our lives by believing that parents have to take on the full weight of education. The lesson to be learned from teachers (and home-schoolers) is that what kids need goes far beyond classroom instructional time. A typical homeschool schedule for elementary school kids only has about two to three hours a day. The balance of each day is filled with exploration, reading, household tasks, and learning to manage boredom. Your child’s school schedule is much the same. Hours of their day are spent not on memorizing facts and learning new concepts, but on social interaction, collaboration, and daily classroom tasks.

    Once you have relieved yourself of the burden of educating your children, you can shift your focus to teaching them how to cope with the unexpected. This is a time to lean into your children, providing them with extra love and support. Spend the time you would have been commuting, cooking together. Spend your lunch break eating as a family and read together afterward. Start game night traditions if your evening sports are canceled. Agree to a family walk once a day, before work requires your online presence. Your children are going to remember how they felt during the COVID-19 outbreak, not what they missed in math class.

    If your child learns nothing during this pandemic but how to deal with the unexpected and how to care for themselves amid chaos, they will have learned more than any book could teach them. You are not your child’s teacher, but you are the parent. Take a deep breath.

    Tips for quarantined parents in the times of COVID-19

    American Psychological Association

    Emotions and Discussion Tips

    Activities Tips

    COVID-19 Facts Tips

    Resources in English







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