• Dec. 1, 2019


    Dear Solana Vista Families,

    Yearbook Cover Contest:   All students are invited to submit their creation for this year’s yearbook cover contest.  The 19-20 SV yearbook theme is Making a Difference…One Hello at a Time.  Please see the flyer included in this communication which shares details and requirements for the submitted artwork.  We love that our yearbook celebrates the creativity of our own students!

    PTA update:

    SV Re-Design Update:  Construction material testing will be performed by Western Environmental during the Thanksgiving break. The work will be performed in and around the existing building and includes testing of stucco and paint. The results will inform certain demolition activities to be performed during construction in June 2020 when the reconstruction of Solana Vista is scheduled to begin. Additional information regarding the Solana Vista Reconstruction Project can be found on the website at https://www.sbsd.k12.ca.us/Page/9273.

    Yearbooks Pre-Order Link is Ready!  You may pre-order a yearbook for your child by going to:  https://svyearbook.picaboo.com.  This year’s theme is “Making a Difference…One Hello at a Time”.

    SBSD Office Closures: District and school offices will be closed during Fall Break (Nov. 25-29, 2019) and Winter Break (Dec. 23, 2019 – Jan 3, 2020).

    A Message from SBSD Maintenance and Operations: We will be reseeding the fields during the winter break. The fields will be open during Thanksgiving.

    Mindful Movement Lunch Club: Students are invited to join our Mindful Movement Lunch Club on Wednesdays during lunch recesses.  All classes were introduced to Mindful Movement during Fitness Friday on November 15. On Wednesdays, parent volunteers will lead students through activities that will focus on controlled breathing and discovering poses that help to make the mind and body feel amazing! If you think your child would enjoy this opportunity, please encourage them to participate!

    Mark Your Calendars:

    Nov 25-29:  Thanksgiving Break (No School)

    A little something to think about:

    So…You’ve Had your Parent Teacher Conference—Now What?

    1. Celebrate your child’s strengths!
    2. Encourage a Growth Mindset environment in the home. Celebrate your own struggles and your child’s struggles as well.  Talk about them; acknowledge them.  Tell your child about times when you struggled and had to use a growth mindset to get through a difficult task.  Remind them that the brain is a muscle and can grow every day!  Remember when your child says, “I can’t do it”…finish the sentence with the magical word YET, and then remind them that you believe in them!
    3. I bet your child’s teacher mentioned the importance of finding time to read at home at the conference. Why do all teachers encourage reading at home?  Research shows that the greatest support you can give your child is reading to, with, or next to your child.  Model reading; show your love of reading; talk about reading!  Are you worried that your child gets stuck in a series or reads books that you think are too simple??  Have no fear! As long as it’s a book and they are enjoying it…CELEBRATE!!  Check out this link (https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/how-to-get-kids-to-look-away-from-their-screens-and-take-pleasure-in-books/2017/08/27/a52c3fd4-7b10-11e7-9d08-b79f191668ed_story.html?utm_term=.23f797edf46) to an article called How to get kids to look away from their screens and take pleasure in books.  The article has great tips for fostering the love of reading and many ideas for fun titles to look for on your next trip to the library!

    Thank you,

    Katie Zimmer

    Principal, Solana Vista School