• September 15, 2019

    Dear Solana Vista Families,

    Welcome, Ellie Mae:  I am happy to welcome Ellie Mae, Ms. Stephanie’s (our school counselor) trained therapy/service dog.  Ellie will be on campus often and will support students and classrooms by providing a listening ear, comfort, and love.  If you have notified the health office through the registration process that he/she has animal allergies, we will be sending home a permission slip to be completed and returned.  We will always make sure our students wash their hands after petting Ellie.  If your child has an aversion to or fear of animals in any way that we are not familiar with, please let your child’s teacher know or contact the front office.

    Entering/Exiting Campus Safety Reminders:  To ensure a secure campus, please remember that the Kindergarten back gate is locked at all times and is not available for entering or exiting by families.  In the morning, you may enter campus through the San Patricio gate or the two gates on the main blacktop.  Thank you for your understanding.

    Peachjar - Solana Beach School District works with community organizations (nonprofit only), government entities, and each school's individual clubs & organizations to provide information to families about services and events by distributing flyers. We utilize a service called Peachjar to distribute flyers electronically. Flyers are distributed via email and posted on the Peachjar website. Parents are already subscribed to the service with the email address you provided to the school. You can manage your subscription (including unsubscribing) by visiting Peachjar.com

    Spirit Wear:  Thank you to our PTA for designing and providing the awesome SV spirit wear this year.  If you have not had a chance to order your spirit wear for this year, please visit the PTA website at https://www.solanabeachpta.org/?post_type=product. Place your order and your items will be delivered to your child at his/her school.

    Please Be a Good Neighbor:  I am asking all of us who drive to campus each day to be respectful of the speed limits and rules of the road.  Even as far away as San Mario drive, neighbors often contact the school with concerns of increased speeding during school arrival times in the morning.  We are grateful that our school can be situated in such a wonderful community.  Please help us to be a good neighbor by respecting speed limits and rules of the road.  Thank you!

    Box Top Trophy:  Which class will win the coveted Box Top Trophy for September??  We will find out at out on Sept. 27.  Remember to clip those box tops and send them into school in a baggie with your child’s room number on it.  This is a great way that students can be a part of helping our school!

    Mark Your Calendars:

    • 9/17:  Solana Vista Design Community Meeting @ 6:00 (SV Kiva)
    • 9/19:  Solana Vista Design Community Meeting @9:30 (District Office)
    • 9/20:  Dad’s Club Ice Cream Social @ 1:00
    • 9/25:  Picture Day

    A little something to think about:

    At Back to School Night, I mentioned the title of a book that all staff in SBSD is invited to read.  The book is All Learning is Social and Emotional by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Dominque Smith.  I invite you to join us in reading this book.  Later this year, SBSD will be hosting a parent education evening with Nancy Frey as the keynote speaker.

    The book outlines five areas of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that are critical for students and adults to develop to be ready to learn, be productive, and be their best.  This year at Solana Vista we are focusing primarily on Identity and Agency and Emotional Regulation.  After the introduction chapter, each chapter is devoted to each of these five areas and focuses on how teachers and parents can connect SEL into all student learning.

    If you see me around campus and you are reading the book, I’d love to chat about it!  Happy Reading!



    Katie Zimmer

    Principal, Solana Vista School