• Room 110 Supply List

    Your child is provided a free public school education, therefore, all materials and supplies for your child's learning in the classroom are supplied by the school district. We understand that parents often want to supplement these materials. If you would like to provide additional (optional) items, below is a list of suggested school supplies.


    Individual Supplies

    • Washable Markers (8 count)
    • Colored Pencils (12 count, sharpened)
    • Ear buds with ear bud cord wrap (e.g. Bobino cord wrap on Amazon), or headphones, both preferably with attached microphone
    • Pencil box or pencil pouch to hold markers and colored pencils


    Shared Supplies

    • Ticonderoga Pencils (package of at least 12)
    • Eraser caps (plain — 1 package)
    • Expo Fine Point Dry Erase Markers (4 count)
    • Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens (black, medium tip, multi-pack)
    • Pentel Hi-Polymer Latex Free Erasers (3 pack)
    • Large Elmer’s Glue Stick (purple, multi-pack)
    • Disinfecting Wipes e.g. Clorox or Lysol (large container)
    • Box of Kleenex


    Our Classroom Amazon Wishlist