• September 8, 2019

    Dear Solana Vista Families,

    It is a such a treat to walk the halls, pop into classrooms, and see the students enjoying school every day.  In just two short weeks, students and teachers are making connections, growing relationships, and developing growth mindsets to prepare for a year of deeper learning.  Thank you for sending your children to school rested, well fed, and ready to learn!  Your support is a key component to the success of your child’s education.

    Foundation’s Annual Fund Drive has started:  If you did not have time to make your annual donation to Foundation yet, here is the link (https://www.solanabeachkids.org/) to help you get started!  Donate by Sept. 13 and your child will be placed in the Principal for a Day raffle!

    Respecting Instructional Time:

    Every minute in the classroom counts…from the minute the teacher begins to set the stage for the day, to the end of the day bringing closure to the learning. In order to decrease classroom interruptions please note:

    • Late lunches will be kept in the office. Students may come to the office to pick up lunches at the beginning of the lunch period.
    • If the office staff is notified of a change of afternoon plans BEFORE lunch, a note will be put into the teacher’s box.
    • If the office staff is notified of a change of afternoon plans AFTER lunch, staff will use the dismissal radio system to notify teacher and student of the change of plans.
    • For more information on our Attendance policy (including absences, tardies and early pick-ups), please visit https://www.sbsd.k12.ca.us/site/Default.aspx?PageID=328#Attendance.

    PTA Reminders:  Mark your calendar for Sept 12th

    • Please join us for our first PTA meeting on Thursday, September 12th starting at 9am in the Solana Vista Kiva. Agenda will include our budget proposal for the 2019-2020 school year, volunteer opportunities and upcoming events.  Hear from the teacher representatives and the principals about the first three weeks of school and what’s ahead!  Spiritwear will be available for purchase before the meeting.
    • Room Parents: If you are the room parent in your child's classroom, please meet Meredith Vytopil at 8:30 am in the KIVA before the PTA meeting on September 12th. 
    • Red Ribbon Week: We are still looking for volunteers to help with Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 28-Nov. 1). Email Stephanie Singer at stephbsinger@gmail.com if willing to help out!

    SV Media Center News: Don’t forget to follow Mrs. Rainville on both Instagram and twitter (@SVSchoolLibrary)Mrs. Rainville regularly shares updates on school events, introductions to our newest books in our library collection, and student successes and celebrations.  Be in the “know”!

    News from Your Health Office: Solana Beach School District is committed to providing a healthy environment to promote exceptional learning in our schools. To learn more information on how you can help please visit  https://www.sbsd.k12.ca.us/cms/lib/CA01001886/Centricity/Domain/9/News from your health office Eng Sp.pdf

    Mark Your Calendars:

    9/12:  Room Parent Meeting @ 8:30 (Kiva)

    9/12:  PTA Meeting @ 9:00 (SV Kiva)

    9/13:  Lockdown Drill

    9/17:  Solana Vista Design Community Meeting @ 6:00 (SV Kiva)

    9/19:  Solana Vista Design Community Meeting @ 9:30am (SV Kiva)

    9/20:  Dad’s Club Ice Cream Social @ 1:00

    A little something to think about:

    One of our goals this year continues to be to help our Solana Vista students understand that our brains are malleable and, with practice and resilience, our brains grow and get stronger. We want them to understand that learning and, even struggling with learning, is what helps our brains to develop! When one embraces a “I can’t do it...YET” attitude, we can say they have a Growth Mindset.

    To learn more about Growth Mindset, visit https://www.mindsetkit.org/growth-mindset-parents and take a look at the resource titled Growth Mindset for Parents. 


    Want to talk about Growth Mindset with your child?  Use a picture book to get the conversation started! We use literature with our students to support the learning of growth mindset.  You can find some of our favorite titles at https://blog.reallygoodstuff.com/10-childrens-books-for-teaching-growth-mindset/ .


    Katie Zimmer

    Principal, Solana Vista School