• 4th Grade NGSS Units

    Unit 1: Car Crashes
    Students investigate the energy of motion and how it transfers during collisions. They ask questions about the factors that affect energy changes during collisions.  

    Unit 2: Renewable Energy
    Students investigate different devices that convert energy from one form to another and then design their own device. They obtain information about how we convert natural resources into usable energy and the environmental impacts of doing so.

    Unit 3: Sculpting Landscapes
    Students develop models of how sedimentary rocks form and use them to interpret the history of changes in the physical landscape. They perform investigations of the agents that erode and change landscapes.  

    Unit 4: Earthquake Engineering
    Students explore earthquakes from three different perspectives: They use maps to identify patterns about where earthquakes occur on Earth, they develop models that describe waves and apply them to understanding earthquake shaking, and they design earthquake-resistant structures to withstand that shaking.

    Unit 5: Animal Senses
    Students develop a model of how animals see that includes their external body structures, internal body systems, and light, and information processing.