• 5th Grade NGSS Units

    Unit 1: What is Matter Made of? Students observe different materials and describe their differences. They investigate how materials change when they mix together. They learn to recognize chemical reactions and develop a model of matter being made of particles. These particles move and their arrangement changes, but their mass always stays the same.

    Unit 2: From Matter to Organisms Students make models that trace the flow of energy and matter in ecosystems. They investigate the needs of plants and gather evidence that all organisms produce waste. They explain how animals depend upon one another as components in an interconnected system.

    Unit 3: Interacting Earth Systems Students make models of the flow of energy and matter at the scale of the entire planet, and obtain information about a few example phenomena. They describe these phenomena in terms of interactions between different systems within the broader Earth system. They use their models to understand how humans impact these systems and develop solutions to minimize these effects.

    Unit 4: Patterns in the Night Sky Students ask questions and wonder about the night sky. They investigate the force of gravity and then analyze data to identify patterns related to Earth’s motion. They gather evidence and make models showing that the brightness of a star depends on its distance from Earth.