• Vocabulary Test and Divisiblity Test Parent Signature Due 11/22





Language Arts
  •  Writing: 

     Narrative will be due on 12/6

    Please change your type color or hilight the following:

    Transitions: The writer not only used transitional phrases and clauses to signal complicated changes in time, she also used them to alert her readers to changes in the setting, tone, mood, point of view, or time in the story (such as suddenly, unlike before, if only she had known).

    Strong Verbs

    Descriptive Language: The writer wove together precise descriptions, figurative language, and some symbolism to help readers picture the setting, actions, and events and to bring forth meaning.

    Conflict/Climax: The writer developed realistic characters, and developed the details, action, dialogue, and internal thinking that contribute to the deeper meaning of the story.



    Literature Circles- 

    Boy in the Striped Pajamas meets Monday 12/2

    The Boy on the Wooden Box meets Tuesday 12/3

    Number the Stars meets 12/4

    Anne Frank meets 12/5



    Language Arts: 

    Root Words- Unit 2 All Eyes and Ears Due 12/2 . Quiz Monday as well.  






Social Studies
  • GREECE: Newsela Article Due tomorrow