• Welcome to Room 214!

      Hope to see you at Meet the Teacher 

           Room 214 Supply List

    Please ONLY bring the items listed below!  We will not have room to store extra items.  Everything else you need will be provided.

    • 1 ½” binder.  Please get one that looks like this, with a clear plastic sleeve on the cover.   Please do NOT bring any other types of binders, because it will clutter up your desk.  :)1/2" binder

    • Two black sharpie pens:  One extra fine tip, one fine (normal sized) tip

    • A set of highlighters (4 different colors if possible)
    • A pair of small earbuds or earphones with a microphone.  Your child will be using this almost everyday, and will have a special place to store it.

    • A small manual pencil sharpener

    • box of colored pencils

    • If your child is reading a book right now, please send it on the first day of school.  If not, they can choose one from our classroom library on Tuesday.

      (a stylus for the iPad is nice to have, also)

    That’s all!

    Your child is provided a free public school education, therefore all materials and supplies for your child’s learning in the classroom are supplied by the school district. We understand that parents often want to supplement those materials. If parents choose to provide optional items for their students, above is a list of suggested supplies.

    Please do not bring any other supplies to school, especially anything big. Everything else the students need will be provided, and extra items will clutter up their new desks quickly.

    Welcome donations for the class:

    • Any of the above items for other children

    • boxes of colored markers (not sharpies)

    • hand sanitizer (hand pump bottles are best)

    • wipes