• How to do Your Best in Room 214


    • Use independent time well, because what you don’t get done in class, you will end up doing as homework.
    • Work well with your partner/team/class.
    • Remember, responsibility equals freedom.


    • Bring book and planner back and forth from school to home everyday.
    • Keep up on your math goal (will start on Monday).
    • Do all of your homework (which will be about 60 minutes a day, including your 30 minutes of reading, sometimes more.)
    • Most importantly, remember that it is NOT your parent’s job to know what your homework is every day, or to make sure you do it. It is YOUR job!  It is your parent’s job to check your Weekly Review on Friday to learn that you did your homework.


    • Think for yourself.
    • Solve problems.
    • Make good choices.
    • Show respect


    • Put things away in their right place, so it doesn’t take too long to get things.
    • Update your planner everyday, and check it when you get home. Get your parent to initial it, until you earn the freedom not to.
    • Keep your desk, pouch and backpack clean.