• Mrs. Ryder's Message


    Dear Families,

    As we continue with Distance Learning, as a District, we remain committed to providing Social Emotional supports for students and families.  Our Social and Emotional Learning goals presented in the Fall are still intact in the daily interactions teachers and staff have with students through live sessions and online platforms.


    Being intentional about Social Emotional Learning in the home can help enhance school learning and also life skills. As we have shared previously, The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL), identifies five social emotional learning competencies; self awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.  What’s great about these learning competencies, is that Kimochi’s, Superflex and Sanford Harmony (materials we have shared and regularly utilize with our students) combined addresses each of these areas with students. Of course, learning these skills takes a lot of practice, repetition and maturity, so it is critical to emphasize these core competencies to support children in the home.

    SEL Wheel

    While we are continually bombarded with information, the purpose of this newsletter is to provide some key strategies that may support you and your child as we enter into these last few weeks. 

    Today in this section, I want to share three high leverage strategies that would be beneficial to initiate or revisit to support you and your child during this last phase of Distance Learning.  Research shows it is supportive for parents to model, coach, practice strategies in a supportive environment. These research-based strategies come from a webinar with Jennifer Miller, author of the book, Confident Parents, Confident Kids.

    • Develop a morning routine - co-create with family members and children - this creates a sense of safety
      • Talk about it prior to the morning
      • Develop ritual opportunities for connection - Hugging is an immunity booster!
      • Post the plan
      • Notice the positive
    • Daily feelings check-in (helpful for children and adults)
      • Pay attention to child’s understanding of what is happening
      • Name the feeling 
      • Ask your child about the story behind the emotion
      • Reframe and normalize the emotion
    • Coping Strategies
      • Have a plan to use these strategies.  Practice!
        • Deep Breathing with a calming item
        • Plan for a child’s safe base

    coping strategies  

    To learn more, I recommend listening to the webinar, CASEL Care - So, now what? Supporting SEL in the home during your next walk or when you have a little down time. I believe you will find it a good use of your time.  It has some great strategies to use at this unique time and throughout the summer as we move into the next school year. We wish you calm over the next few weeks as we enter the final weeks leading up to the end of the school year.

    Thank you to all who participated in our PTO meeting. There will be one final PTO virtual meeting in June. Be on the look-out for messaging around student materials pick up, library book drop off, yearbooks, class raffle basket and end of year last week distance learning school spirit activities.

    Thank you for all that you do!

    Lisa Ryder, Principal