• About Pupil Services

    The Pupil Services Department oversees a wide range of educational and support programs that provide instruction and services to students within the Solana Beach School District.  These services include: 
    • Child Welfare and Attendance
    • Residency
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Student Records
    • Home/Hospital Instruction
    • Health Services
    • American Disabilities Act/ Section 504 Accommodations
    • Student Suspensions
    • Student Expulsions
    • Special Education

    About Special Education

    The Solana Beach School District is committed to the identification and service of students with special needs within the least restrictive environment with access to the general education curriculum.  Services and placements are based on each student's Individualized Educational Program (IEP).  
    For answers to specific questions related to special education programs, parents are encouraged to contact their school principal or the Special Education office at (858) 794-7124