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    Solana Beach Schools Foundation

    Annual Fund Drive!

    We’re looking forward to another great year of excellent, hands-on, inquiry-based teaching and learning that Solana Ranch Elementary provides to all students. By donating to the Foundation, you help Solana Ranch continue to offer a complete, well-rounded, 21st century education.

    Your donation supports instruction, supplies, and materials for our school’s STREAM Discovery Labs so that your students enjoy weekly opportunities to:

    ➢ Investigate questions in science and conduct hands-on experiments
    ➢ Examine engineering design principles and solve real-world, project-based design-to-build problems
    ➢ Learn and practice the fundamentals of coding
    ➢ Build and operate robots
    ➢ Use state of the art hardware and software
    ➢ Explore new art methods and media to draw, paint, sculpt, and create what their imaginations inspire
    ➢ Play a new sport or a new game
    ➢ and so much more!

    For more information go to  http://www.solanabeachkids.org 

    To make your donation, go to:


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