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    Solana Beach Schools Foundation

    Annual Fund Drive!

    We’re looking forward to another great year of excellent, hands-on, inquiry-based teaching and learning that Solana Ranch Elementary provides to all students. By donating to the Foundation, you help Solana Ranch continue to offer a complete, well-rounded, 21st century education.

    Click Here to Donate Now   *If you Donate a full $499, than get an exclusive Solana Ranch Car Magnet while supplies last!

    Your donation supports instruction, supplies, and materials for our school’s STREAM Discovery Labs so that your students enjoy weekly opportunities to:

    ➢ Investigate questions in science and conduct hands-on experiments
    ➢ Examine engineering design principles and solve real-world, project-based design-to-build problems
    ➢ Learn and practice the fundamentals of coding
    ➢ Build and operate robots
    ➢ Use state of the art hardware and software
    ➢ Explore new art methods and media to draw, paint, sculpt, and create what their imaginations inspire
    ➢ Play a new sport or a new game
    ➢ and so much more!

    For more information go to  http://www.solanabeachkids.org 

    To make your donation, go to:


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