• The students individual usernames/passwords for the following websites are in apage protector, in their binders. Let me know if you can't find them!

    Most used classroom resources:

    Google Classroom/Drive   The class hub! I will use for assigning homework, and posting materials.

    STEMscopes - to access science curriculum 

    Online Resources for Math:
    We are learning about fractions next!  
    https://www.khanacademy.org/coach/dashboard  Excellent resource for math instruction and practice.  I am working on creating a class roster- look for invite code soon!
    Dreambox - For practicing math skills.  All students have a username and password.
    Online Resource for Language Arts:
    NewsELA- https://newsela.com/signin access to news articles for kids.  All students have a username/password. 
    Tumblebooks https://www.tumblebooklibrary.com/Default.aspx  Free online books! I will post usernames/password on Google Classroom
    Typing (11 free games for students to practice typing) 
    Other links:

    Scholastic Class code: LQJL2   Use to order books.

    Class Amazon Wish List 

    Lunch Menu