3rd Graders Play Recorders!

  • As part of the 3rd grade music curriculum, we will be learning to play the recorder. The recorder is a musical instrument from the wind family that has a flute-like sound. Recorders offer a wonderful opportunity to practice and apply the skills we've been working on in music class so far including rhythm reading, melodic notation, fine motor skills, breath control, music exploration and appreciation.  We will all be performing music together on recorders in our 3rd grade end-of-the-year musical show, "A Celebration of Music"!

    As with learning any musical instrument, practice is the key to success.  All Solana Vista 3rd graders will be provided with their own clean recorder to use at school during music class.  These recorders belong to the school and must remain in the music room.  It is not required to purchase your own recorder.  If you would like to buy one for home practice sessions, I recommend purchasing one similar to our school recorders.  Our school recorders are "Yamaha C-Soprano" recorders from westmusic.com. These and other brands of recorders can also be found on Amazon.com and at most music stores. If you choose to purchase a recorder for your child, any brand is fine but please be sure it is a "C Soprano" (or "Soprano with Baroque-English Fingering" or "Soprano with Standard Fingering") so that it will be compatible with what we are learning in the music room.

    Your child is provided a free public school education; therefore all materials and supplies for your child's learning in the classroom are supplied by the school district. We understand that parents often want to supplement those materials.  If parents choose to provide optional items for their students, check the grade level for a list of suggested supplies.