• Physical Education Instruction

    Physical Education (P.E.) is the only content area that has a required number of instructional minutes mandated by law. California Education Code 51210(g) requires that students in grades 1 through 6 receive not less than 200 minutes of physical education every 10 school days, excluding lunch and recess.

    Classroom teachers are responsible for ensuring that each student receives P.E. instruction. Teachers in Solana Beach School District post schedules for P.E. in their classrooms. The schedules are also available in each school’s office. Principals monitor classes to be sure students receive P.E. instruction.

    Parents or Guardians with questions about P.E. minutes should address those questions to the teacher or principal. If parents or guardians are not satisfied with the site level response to questions, they may contact the Assistant Superintendent of Instruction. Parents or guardians wishing to file a written complaint regarding the number of PE minutes provided may use the district’s Uniform Complaint form available through the Human Resources Department or the form available at the link below: