• Room 110 Weekly Homework
    READING: Read for 10 - 15 minutes, at least 4 days a week.
    • Read whatever you enjoy!
    • Practicing your poem can count as reading.
    • Listening to reading counts too.

    WRITING: Choose one per week. Write in the composition book included in your homework folder.

    • Write a personal narrative
    • Write a fictional narrative
    • Write a letter
    • Write a thank-you note
    • Write a poem
    • Write a how-to piece
    • Write your opinion about something
    • Write an information piece 
    • Your choice!

    MATH: Throughout the week spend 20 minutes on any of the following...

    • any games involving computation, numbers, strategy, or logic
    • Dreambox, Frontrow, or any other math app

    POEM OF THE WEEK: Memorize the poem on the back of the homework sheet.

    • You can also access the poem on your Seesaw account
    • You will recite it to a parent volunteer on Thursday. 

    FAMILY FUN: Have fun with your family.

    • play a board game
    • cook or bake together
    • make a craft or do art
    • do a science experiment
    • explore
    • play outside together
    • play a sport together
    • eat a meal together