• HAWK PRIDE - Be Great! Be a Leader!


    Recess Expectations:

     Positive Attitude
    • Be cooperative, kind, and inclusive to everyone.
    • Report any danger or misbehavior to an adult.
    • See win-win when playing with others.  
    Respect for All
    • Respect the privacy and personal space of others.
    • Use positive words and body language.
    • Return equipment.  
    • Show good sportsmanship
    • Take responsibility for your actions.
    • Stop, think, and make good choices.  

    Do the Right Thing

    • Use the Walk, Talk, or Rock-it Strategy to solve disagreements.
    • Respect property.
    • Seek an adult if you have a problem.  

    Effort Towards Learning 

    • Follow directions the first time they are given.
    • Obey all playground and safety rules.
    • Sharpen the saw.   
    Other Rules of Importance:
    • Pull-up/Monkey Bars:  No sitting, standing, or flips off of bars. One direction on the bars; no chasing, tag, jumping, or pushing others. No climbing or crossing on top of the monkey bars.
    • Slide: Slide down feet first only; no running or crawling up the slide or across the slide. One person at a time.
    • No throwing sand, wood chips, or rocks.
    • No Pushing and pulling on bodies.
    • No toys from home - e.g. cars, dolls, hand-held video games or electronics of any kind.
    • No playing or loitering in the restrooms.
    • Do not bring equipment from home.
    • Be a good sport. Everyone is welcome when playing games - NO closed games.
    • Always use appropriate language - NO name-calling, put-downs, threats and/or slurs.
    • Flag or touch football only.
    • Physical contact sports are not to be played.
    • Tag will be played on the grass.
    • Students may not enter the building without permission.
    • Use equipment the way it was designed i.e. jump ropes for jumping only.
    • Return all equipment to the PE shed at the end of recess. DO NOT kick balls at the end of recess, never kick a ball indiscriminately into a crowd.
    • Two students are allowed on spinners. Do not push students on any of the spinners.  NO sitting on top of the spinners.



    Students must abide by the following rules while on the playground and not:


    • Jump off of any equipment.
    • Play tag/chase games on the play structures or in wood chip area.
    • Bring personal sports equipment/toys to school.
    • Throw balls against any school walls.
    • Give piggyback rides or pick up other students.
    • Participate in play fighting or contact sports.