• Solana Beach School District Dress Code

    The purpose of a school-wide DRESS CODE is to establish a school environment that supports a productive academic atmosphere, which supports students’ learning and reflects the educational values of the staff and the parents. These standards are consistent with those established by California Education Code and the Solana Beach School District. Please take the time to review this policy with your children. 

    The following items of clothing/accessories are considered inappropriate and/or disruptive to the educational process and are unacceptable for school attire: 

    • Strapless, halter or tube tops worn without a blouse/sweater cover-up to include tank tops with less than two inches of fabric across the shoulder on each side. 
    • Bare midriffs or open back shirts.
    • Tops that are unbuttoned below the sternum.
    • Short shorts or skirts, un-hemmed shorts, tight athletic shorts, rolled up short shorts.
    • Undergarments showing (i.e., baggy pants worn below the waist and low rider jeans, bras or sports bras) or lack of undergarments.
    • Emblems, lettering, or pictures related to drugs, alcohol, sex, or profanity.
    • Chains or weapons on clothing.
    • Flip-flop sandals, platform or slip-on shoes which could be unsafe.
    • Jewelry that dangles and could be unsafe.
    • NO wheelie shoes.
    • NO makeup, including glitter, or false finger nails.
    • Any items of clothing or manner of wearing clothing which contributes to the disruption of a productive learning environment and the safe operation of the school.

    Of great concern due to safety issues is the style of footwear that students wear. Shoes should have hard soles and be strapped or tied. Athletic shoes are always a good choice and allow students to fully participate in outdoor/physical education activities. Students who choose to wear sandals may be asked to bring tennis shoes so they can participate safely in outdoor/PE activities without injury. Hats, caps, or visors may be appropriate on the playground during recess to protect students from the sun. Students should be reminded that wearing these items is a privilege which may be lost if they become a distraction in the classroom or a problem on the playground.

    Please know how very much your support and cooperation with our school dress code policy is valued. The positive message that school is a place to work and learn is reinforced when our students come to school dressed appropriately. Thank you for reviewing this policy with your child and helping us to reinforce appropriate school attire.