• What is Tuition Express?

    Tuition Express™ is the premier payment processing service in the childcare industry. As one of the many benefits offered by Tuition Express, parents have the ability to receive their payment receipts via email. TuitionExpress.com keeps parents in-touch with their childcare center and their personal finances. Here are some of the features of TuitionExpress.com:

    • Receive all your Payment Receipts via email.
    • Email notification of all Non Sufficient Fund (NSF) items or Declined Credit Card transactions.
    • View and print Transaction History reports.
    • Re-generate past email payment notifications.
    • All receipts are Flexible Spending Account qualified (provided center has submitted required data).
    • Easy access to change email addresses notifications are sent to.


    Setting Up An Account

    See the instructions below to set up a Tuition Express account for online fee payment. The CDC will issue you a unique Tuition Express ID number once you have turned in the "Bank Account Authorization Form" or the "Credit Card Authorization Form". If you choose to use the online payment option, please call Renee

    at (858) 794-7199 and request a Tuition Express ID number.


    How to Register at TuitionExpress.com

    • Once you submit your choice of payment, Solana Beach CDC will issue you a unique Tuition Express ID number.
    • Go to http://www.tuitionexpress.com
    • Click the “Register Here” link to begin the account set up.
    • Enter the Tuition Express ID number and the Registration number: 1234.
    • Create a User Name and Password.
    • Type in your email address and check the box “Receive Notification”.
    • Click “Submit”. When you receive an email from Tuition Express, click on the link to confirm your email address.

    Facts about Automatic Payments

    • Automatic Payments have been around for more than 30 years and uses the same network as Automatic Deposits. More than 2 billion transactions a year are made via Automatic Payment.
    • Each Automatic Payment is deducted from your account on the due date of each payment cycle so it is easy to track.
    • Automatic Payments are confidential transactions. Just one or two people see them. In contrast, checks pass through three to nine hands as they are processed. PLUS, they have all the information available for a criminal to steal your identity.
    • Automatic Payments help you maintain a good credit rating because bills are paid on time, every time.
    • Record keeping is easy. Each bill paid automatically from your checking account or credit card is listed on your monthly statement.
    • Consumers who use Automatic Payment are protected by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act of 1978, known as Federal Regulation E. www.bankersonline.com/regs/205/205.html
    • Automatic Payment saves you money. It costs consumers close to $100 a year in time and Automatic costs, such as postage, to pay bills by check instead of using Automatic Payment.
    • Automatic Payments is great for travelers — since bills are paid automatically, you do not have to worry about them when you are out of town.


    If your child no longer attends the CDC at any District site, please use
    the link below to withdraw from the Tuition Express program.