• California State Assessment Sample Tests

    California is part of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.  The consortium developed the new assessment system that California uses for its statewide tests.  These tests were built from the "ground up" to align with the Common Core State Standards.  They are computer-based and scored.
    You can take a sample test to see how the system will work. Start by clicking on this green button, then follow the directions below.
    Icon for Student Practice Test  
    You begin with the "Please Sign In" screen. Do not enter any information, just click on the button labeled "Sign In"
    Sign In  
    On the "Is This You?" screen select a grade level then click "Yes"
    CAASPP Login
    Next you will see the "Your Tests" screen, click on the test you want to try (Math or ELA)
    Note: The samples titled "Training Test" are much shorter and are intended to provide a brief overview, we suggest you use the full samples as noted below with red arrows.
    Your Tests Screen  
    On the "Choose Settings" screen you do not need to make any changes, just click "Select"
    Choose Settings CAASPP  
     The "Is This Your Test?" screen summarizes the test you will be trying, click "Yes"
    Is this your Test?  
    You will now see the "Instructions and Help" screen where you can familiarize yourself with the system. To begin the test click "Begin Test Now"
    Instructions and Help  
    Now you can try the sample test items and see how students will be assessed. To end the test simply close the browser window.