•  Students are responsible for checking homework assignments daily.  
      Agendas should reflect all of these due dates. Please email Miss Riley with any questions.


    RILEY HOMEROOM:  Hands On Algebra & Math Olympiad in class on Fridays 

    khanacademy.org (Riley Class Code coming soon)

     Front Row (Homeroom class code: coming soon)

    DreamBox Math use firstlast as username, 4 digits for password. Code: rdew/solanape


    • Optional Challenge: pumpkin pie problem 
    • M. Olympiad Contest #2 is Tues. 12/10

     Google Classroom code: nu3mrqq

    Khanacademy.org code: coming soon

    Front Row (math class code: coming soon)

    Language Arts  
    • Writing:  Winter Traditions typed speech, due Thurs 12/12 (Speeches: Dec. 17-19 in class)
      • Holiday figurative language worksheet due Tues. 12/10
    • Grammar: none
      Vocab: ongoing in Tuck Everlasting
    • Reading: Tuck Everlasting - Read Ch. 19-21 by Tues. 12/10 (Quiz Ch. 19-25 on Fri. 12/13) 
    • Tuck Everlasting comprehension ?s due Fri. 12/13  (one per chapter)
    • NewsELA: none
    •  NewsELA Class Code: is synched w/ our Google Classroom
    •  Front Row (Homeroom class code: coming soon!        



      Human Impact & Cells/Body Systems with Mrs. Stuber (completed on 11/22)


    Social Studies

     Ancient India Ch. 10 (Mrs. Stuber's Homeroom class)
    • Hindu Mandala due Thurs. 12/5
    • India Vocab Quiz is Thurs. 12/19 
    • Google Classroom Code: 2z96vi