Volunteer Information

    If volunteering in the classroom, you will need to have a TB test on file at the front office.  These are usually good for three years.  If you have volunteered at Solana Ranch for 1st grade or 2nd grade, we may already have your paperwork on file.

    Also, please sign in first at the front office and receive a “volunteer badge” before coming to the classroom.

    Our class appreciates your continued efforts in our classroom.  Your support directly impacts all of the students in room 211.  Please try not to miss your scheduled volunteer time. I understand that life happens so if you do need to miss your volunteer time, please give as much advanced notice as possible because specific lessons are prepped in advance for your arrival.  Thank you for your understanding! I am so excited to work in unison with you this year!


    Formal classroom volunteers will begin mid-October.  If you are interested in volunteering informally (occasionally) for prep work or teacher helper activities please let me know.