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    Homework Habits


    Strong students are responsible for their schoolwork.  Sometimes even the most conscientious student forgets a book or handout or gets confused.  The difference is that successful students know how to solve this problem!  Here are some ideas for the top 5 HW hassles:



    1. To bring everything you need home... 

    • Write in your Assignment Notebook every day.   
    • Circle what books or materials you will need to complete it.
    • Throughout the day, stack books you wish to take home on the floor under your desk  
    • When you are packing up for the day, check off each item as you put it in your back pack. 


    2. If you do get home and realize you don’t have something you need, try the following:


    • callyour Homework Helper or other classmates
    • ask him/her to read you the questions or share it electronically
    • borrow the item from a fifth grade neighbor for an hour
    • ask him/her to read you the questions or share it electronically  
    • borrow the item from a fifth grade neighbor for an hour
    • return to school
    • come to school early in the morning after 8:20
    • think about when it is due (Could you finish something during recess and still get it done when it is needed?)
    • as a last resort, write a note indicating your plan to do the assignment (have your parent sign it)
    • be a creative problem solver!

    3. If you find you didn’t understand the instructions or are confused...


    • call your Homework Helper or other classmates
    • make a good faith attempt to do the work as it makes sense to you
    • write a list of specific questions you will ask your teacher the next day
    • be sure to ask for help  

    4. To be sure not to leave work at home...

    • Use your assignment notebook as a checklist and pack everything into your backpack the night before.  
    • If you had printer trouble, email it to your teacher. 
    • Save your work electronically, then get to school early to print BEFORE the bell rings.  


    5.  If you want Homework to go more quickly...

    • Make sure you have a designated time, quiet space, and ample supplies 
    • Try using a timer - predict how long one assignment should take, then time yourself
    • Take a 3 minute break between assignments (one song dance party anyone?)