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    child playing clarinet - clipart by Me And My Big Ideas Recorder purchase recommendation
    for CC Grade 3 or SKY Global Ed 3-4:

    any C-soprano recorder, with Baroque-English fingering like the one found here (Amazon.com) or any on this page here (Empire Music). *

    * Your child is provided a free public school education, therefore all materials and supplies for your child's learning in the classroom during the school day are supplied by the school district. We understand that parents often want to supplement those materials. If parents choose to provide optional items for their students, the above item is recommended.
    The recorder is a musical instrument from the wind family that makes a flute-like sound. Recorders are more affordable and less fragile than many other music instruments. That's why recorders are used in so many elementary music classrooms! For example, rather than passing around one fragile violin and everyone taking turns to play, we (for the price of one low-quality student violin) can purchase a whole class-set of inexpensive good-quality recorders so that each student in the class has their own recorder to use. During part of the school year, the students will be using recorders to really get that hands-on experience of playing on their own music instrument while reading the rhythms and music notes we have been learning about in our music classes. At Carmel Creek the third graders will also be playing some recorder pieces in their third-grade music performance in the Spring!
    Each third grader at Carmel Creek (and Global Ed 3-4 student at Skyline) will be assigned their own clean recorder to use during music classes at school. These recorders belong to the school and stay at school. However, it is highly recommended that each student purchase a recorder so they can practice on their own at home. If you purchase a recorder for your student, it is belongs to your student and should be kept at home for home practice. If you do not purchase a recorder for your student to practice on at home, a clean used school recorder (other than the one they are already using during music class) will be available for check-out but must be returned by the end of the school year.