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     SBSD CA Common Core K-6 ELA/ELD Instructional Materials Adoption Information for Parents

    Dear Solana Beach Families,

    Over the next couple of months, over 30 classrooms covering all grade levels K-6 will be piloting, or trying out, two different English Language Arts/English Language Development (ELA/ELD) instructional programs. We are piloting McGraw-Hill’s Wonders K-5 and StudySync 6th and Benchmark Education Compnany’s Benchmark Advance. The purpose of the pilot is to evaluate the programs and ultimately decide upon one program to adopt for SBSD beginning the 2021-22 school year and beyond. As new literature and texts are released, it is important we keep up to date with a variety of genres to engage students in meaningful discussions and learning, aligned to our CA standards. If you are interested in previewing the materials in person, please contact Melani Graesar at melanigraeser@sbsd.net to set up an appointment between March 1st - March 14th.  You can also access the materials digitally with the information below.



    Benchmark Advance:


    Username:  solana_edu Password:  password  

    Wonders (K-5), StudySync (6):


    Username: mhwonders2020 Password: 2020Wonders

    Below is some additional specific information about the K-6 English Language Arts/English Language Development (ELA/ELD) instructional materials adoption process currently occurring in our district. 

     Why does SBSD need new K-6 ELA/ELD instructional materials?

    • CA Education Code 60119 requires sufficient textbooks or instructional materials in every classroom and guides the instructional materials/textbook selection process.
    • Our previous program adoption is not reprinting any materials

    New materials will: 

    • Align to both the CA Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy  and the CA English Language Development standards; 
    • Allow teachers to better meet the needs of all SBSD students;
    • Facilitate teachers in integrating technology and 21st century skills (including collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking) into their ELA/ELD instruction; and
    • Allow better alignment of instruction across grade levels.

    How were the ELA/ELD pilot instructional materials chosen?

    • A SBSD ELA/ELD pilot committee group of grade-level teachers, special education teachers, and administrators, met in 2020 and again in 2021 and considered program selection criteria.
    • The committee also considered the needs of our students and the values of our community as they developed the “District Lens” as additional criteria to consider.
    • Group members used the CA State Board of Education ELA/ELD Instructional Materials Evaluation Toolkit to evaluate programs’ rigor, focus, coherence, alignment with the standards, and other criteria.
    • From that work, two programs were chosen to pilot:
      • Benchmark Advance, Benchmark Education Company
      • Wonders (K-5) and StudySync (6), McGraw-Hill Education

    How will teachers give input on the new instructional materials?

    • Piloting teachers are contributing to and receiving updates about the pilots.
    • After piloting the programs this spring, all interested core teachers, special education teachers and administrators will meet to discuss the programs and will use the criteria in the Toolkit and District Lens to make a recommendation of texts for adoption to the SBSD School Board.
    • The recommended program will be presented to the SBSD School Board at the May School Board Meeting.

    How will students give input on the new instructional materials?

    • Students in piloting classrooms will be given an opportunity to complete surveys of the programs.

    When will new ELA/ELD instructional materials be in classrooms?

    • If board-approved, new, Common Core aligned materials are targeted to be in all classrooms in the 2021-2022 school year, dependent upon funding, availability of materials, publisher edits, and other unforeseen circumstances.

    Will teachers receive Professional Learning on the new programs?

    • Yes, SBSD is committed to providing professional learning for all teachers on the new instructional materials as an integral part of the rollout process.

    When does the School Board plan to formally adopt new textbooks?

    • The School Board will hear the recommendations at their May meeting.
    • The School Board is scheduled to vote whether to adopt the new instructional materials at the May 25th meeting.