• Welcome to Room 34

    I am so happy to be teaching 3rd grade at Carmel Creek.  Third graders are brave and kind and willing to stretch their imaginations.  I'm looking forward to a happy school year with my class.

    A little bit about myself: I am from Orange County, but I have been living in San Diego for well over 30 years. This is my twenty-seventh year teaching and I can say I've loved each year!  I taught Kindergarten for eleven years at a private school and then in the Carlsbad Unified School District.  After a family move, I was fortunate and found my way to the Solana Beach School District.  Lucky me :-)   In Solana Beach I have worked as a Reading Specialist for 1-year and then made my way to 6th grade at Skyline.  After a wonderful 13-years, I moved myself to Solana Vista and enjoyed a 50% contract teaching Kindergarten and helping out with my parents.  Today I am so thrilled to be at Carmel Creek and teaching 3rd grade.  What a great place to land.  Room 34 is beautiful as are the kiddos who walk through the door.  

    When I think of myself as a teacher, I think of being very understanding.  I appreciate all of my students and everything they bring to the classroom. I love to get to know my students, to find their interests to incorporate into my lessons, and to help build our future leaders. I believe we are a family in the classroom and as such we work together to be our best selves.

    Outside of my teaching life, I am a mom to two amazing young men.  Richard is married and lives in Oceanside with his beautiful wife Shelli who is studying to be a teacher.  Parker is newly engaged to another beautiful addition to our family.  My sons both live nearby so I am able to spend time with both of them and their families and that is one of my biggest joys.  I live in El Cajon with my better half, also a teacher.  We love to hike, bike, and explore.


    Welcome to 3rd Grade!

    Ms. Schroeder